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 XSpor Australia, since its inception, has focused on identifying the best natural products to provide a safe environment for everyone to live, work and play. We believe that people want to use natural effective products that do not harm humans, pets or plants, and with that in mind, we searched globally to find a reputable and effective mould removal formula.

As a result, we established a collaboration with a US renowned Scientist, Dr. Joe Ahrens PH.D (twice nominated for a Nobel Prize for his work in natural products) who has long been at the forefront of research to formulate new technology to address an old problem, offering significant savings in time and money, but even more importantly, a commitment to human safety.

In this regard, XSpor Australia's product offers significant advantage over the competition due to the non-toxicity and long term safety of our enzyme-based cleanser, Enzycleanse. We apply Enzycleanse in a very fine fogging form, which allows it to penetrate through gyprock, plasterboard, fabrics, furnishings, wood and all porous materials, ensuring a superior coverage in contrast to just wiping over a surface. This can often eliminate the need of expensive repairs and renovations.

Xspor Australia is an IICRC Certified firm, demonstrating our vision of excellence in technical expertise for natural mould removal to homes, commercial spaces and industrial buildings.

XSpor Australia provides mould removal services throughout NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and New Zealand.

With industry professionals who are Certified in the latest mould removal procedures, we are proud to offer a

2 Year Guarantee on our work, giving you peace of mind.

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