Do you know if your motorhome has mould or mildew?

Australians generally love their outdoor holidays. A chance to gather with family, friends and meet new like-minded buddies.

This unique year of 2020 sees us confined to our own country , and many are choosing to explore the vast and beautiful vistas that exist within comparative easy travelling distances.

Caravans, RV's, motorhomes, tents and boats are being used and hired in their droves, many after long periods of standing dormant and unused.

Because of the pandemic conditions we have all experienced, one of the current challenges that exists is to ensure our 'holiday home' is fresh and safe for us to enjoy our relaxation to the fullest.

Mould and mildew can pose a health risk , especially in confined dwellings, that we may not see but may trigger symptoms of asthma, or allergy such as red eyes  and runny nose.

Often, when we are camping, , mould can be introduced simply from earth on our shoes when we enter the caravan - add a damp or humid environment to that, and the problem multiplies.


  • Tips:

  •  Do not install carpet in your caravan or motorhome - it holds moisture.

  • Clean any visible mould straight away - it only takes 3 spores to affect your respiratory system. Vinegar is effective for small areas but it has temporary effectiveness.

  • Clean and treat your caravan frequently and thoroughly - if it smells musty, mould is most likely present.

Make sure you have a healthy 'holiday home' this season - keep your family safe.

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