Chemicals -vs- EnzyCleanse 

So, why choose EnzyCleanse over routine chemical applications? There is a clear and important distinction between the two, presenting EnzyCleanse as the superior solution. On one hand, chemicals such as bleach and peroxide are highly reactive and lose their effectiveness within hours. Other chemicals, such as ammonia, peroxide and chlorine are also non-specific and can pose a significant degree of risk, as anything that comes in contact with these chemicals may be harmed.


On the other hand, however, Enzymes are non-reactive and extremely stable with an effectiveness that can remain for months and even years. Since enzyme formulations can be altered for maximum penetration, these active ingredients can infiltrate deeper into affected areas and are developed to swiftly neutralise mould and airborne contaminants. Listed as GRAS ‘Generally Regarded As Safe’ by the FDA/USDA, EnzyCleanse is a fast-acting and cost-effective formula, offering a

2-year guarantee covering re-inspection and re-application at no charge for full-property treatments.

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